Please complete the application form below with your details. Your CRB Check application will then be processed as per the speed you specify.

Once you have completed the CRB Check application form, we will go ahead and get the form processed in the time you have chosen. We will email you shortly after payment has been received.

CRB apply online (DBS apply online): You can now apply for your crb / dbs check police check application online using our Fast Track or standard processes. So you just need to fill in the simple form, and we will do the rest! The system is really easy to follow. You can either do the application on your mobile phone, a tablet, or a pc. Once we have got your application, and payment has been made, we will then email you. Also, we will give you your unique reference number, while you wait for the certificate to arrive in the post. This usually takes between 3 and 14 days. Before you start though, we ask if you can have your 3 different ID documents ready. Also, most people email these to use as large files. It would be very helpful if you could try to make these files a little smaller before you email them over. If you can’t, we will go ahead and make them smaller for you. As well, it is important that you live in the UK to be able to apply.